Orders and inqueries #

We currently accepts orders and inqueries made by email or phone.

Email address:  

+358 445090786  (Jouni Järvenpää)  

Invoicing #

Currently we only do invoicing with email.
All orders need to be paid before shipping!

After order is received, we will send invoice as email.
After invoice is paid, order confirmation/receipt is sent to customer’s email.
Goods will be shipped, and shipping information is sent to customer’s email.

Shipping #

Please specify preferred shipping method and information when ordering.
If no shipping method is specified, we will select it for you.
Usual finnish parsel services used are Posti and Matkahuolto

Returns #

Customer has right to return product or cancel the order within 14 days from the order.

In case we have shipped wrong or damaged product, please contact us.
We will provide information where and how to return the product.

If product is already installed, used or otherwise non-resellable condition,
we don’t accept returns.

Warranty #

Products sold to individuals have 2 year warranty.
Product warranty does not cover racing usage.

Customer data #

We collect following customer data:

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • Inqueries
  • Order, return and shipping history
  • Payment history
  • Warranty or quality related information

Order example #

Please provide following information when ordering

Contact information:
- Company (optional)
- Name 
- Address
- Phone number

List of products ordered:
- Product name
- Quantity

Shipping information:
- Shipping method
- Shipping address